Sneak Peek…

I dag har jeg valgt at tage et stykke tøj på, som jeg normalt aldrig går i, men ejer nu to af slagsen, fordi det pludselig gik op for mig, hvor nemt det egentlig er at sætte outfits sammen når man har sådan en. Kan I gætte hvad det er? I får et sneak peek lige her! Resten af outfittet får I i morgen!

Day Birger et Mikkelsen bracelet / Marc by Marc Jacobs watch /Accessories Deluxe ring / Pieces ring

Today I am wearing an item of clothing that I have normally never wear. However, I now own two of these certain pieces because I just now realized how easy it is to put an outfit together wearing one of these. Can you guess what it is? I’ll post the outfit picture tomorrow!

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